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Food & Beverage Attendant Responsibilities & Job Description

Food & beverage attendants seat customers, explain menu items, take orders, refill drinks, and clear tables. The Food & Beverage Attendant is also responsible for 

Prepare For An Interview In 9 Steps

Before going to an interview, you should check if you can tick all the boxes 

Average Waiter/Waitress Salary in Malta

A beginner waiter in Malta with no experience in catering can expect to earn between €6-€7 an hour, rising to €9-€10 an hour for experienced waiters.

TOP 5 Things That Annoy Waiters the Most

We conducted a little survey to see what are the most upsetting things about waitressing. Each of these 5 things might seem small, but they can all make a big impact.

Kitchen Slang: What is Mise En Place?

In cooking and baking, Mise en place refers to the action of preparation before you start your recipe.

The Chef Hierarchy: Selecting A Career in A Restaurant Kitchen

As the brigade de cuisine implies, we’ll start from the top of the hierarchy and work our way down the chain, explaining the titles and main duties of different chefs!