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Average Waiter/Waitress Salary in Malta

A beginner waiter in Malta with no experience in catering can expect to earn between €5.5-€7 an hour, rising to €9-€10 an hour for experienced waiters.

The gross salary bracket paid to waiters, servers, and bartenders is between €14,500 to €19,200 per annum (based on the survey conducted by the Association of Catering Establishments (ACE)

Most staff in Malta are paid weekly or every two weeks.

Waiters also make a median average of €15 – €20 in tips per day. Most places use similar tips dividing calculation: all tips received from the customers per day are added together and divided by the number of front-of-house staff or all staff (including kitchen) working at the restaurant. Usually, tips are being paid daily at the end of the day/night.